Saturday, January 05, 2008


Young Jeremy Soames (aged 3) and his sister Emma (aged 6) are introduced to the world-famous entertainer Coco the Clown at an opening luncheon given by the Bertram Mills Circus. They are accompanied by Viscount Montgomery and cabaret star Connie Moore.

Coco the Clown performs a stunt where he appears to be sitting in a basket on a woman's back. However, the woman is just a dummy.

Coco the Clown and his associates from the Bertram Mills Circus put on a matinee performance for the children from the local hospitals, orphanages and children's homes.

Coco the Clown, the Bertram Mills Circus' world-famous entertainer, paints the face of his son Michael, watched by two of his daughters, Alexandra and Helen.

Coco the clown presents his little grandson, Graham, with a clown's wig which he himself and his son, Michael, both wore when clowning for the first time. The family are hoping that Graham, for whom the wig was a birthday present, will carry on the clowning tradition.


Anonymous said...

In the photo of the water routine, the white-face is Jackie Sloan. Next to the right is Johnny Stafford (otherwise "Beppo"). The little guy holding the pole is Billy Merchant (who copied Charlie cairoli's make-up with Charlie's permission), and I'm afraid I don't recognise the other little guy.
Helen Coco (who became Helen Rowland once she married) was the eldest child. She is buried in the same graveyard as her father. This I know because I attended her funeral.


Anonymous said...

Hi John

Beppo the clown is my father. He sadly died in 1993.