Wednesday, March 05, 2008

DICK "ROCKO" LEWIS: Meets Superman

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Dick "Rocko" Lewis as "Rollo" performing his table rock on The Adventures of Superman.

From Dick's daughter, Kathleen Fox...

Hi Pat,

I hadn't checked your website for awhile. I just saw the new photo that you posted of my dad, working in Baraboo. I am sorry that I have not been able to send you any new ones. My family member who was suppose to be putting all the circus photos on a DVD or CD for us did not finish yet. I will try to help her this summer when I am not working.

Meanwhile I had ordered the Superman video that my dad was in. My whole family watched at Christmas, most of the younger members had never seen my dad perform, so it was pretty special. The only thing was that his name was not in the credits. I am going to try to contact the studio that produced it to see if we could get a written confirmation that that was my dad. We, however, all picked him out immediately. If you have seen that episode, it is about a good clown vs. a bad clown. There is some sort of telethon going on and Superman figures out that the good clown is tied up and the bad clown , who is dressed just like him goes to the telethon to perform. Neither of those guys was my day, they are much thinner and taller (actors) but when the actual performance occurs, my dad bounds on stage, doing some really funny stuff, trying to swat at a bug or something. He then climbs up and does the table rock on camera and lands on his feet!

My brothers were really excited to see it, recognizing all the little details in the tables and other props that were shown on camera. My brother ,Bob, says that he and my dad performed on TV on The Spade Cooley Show. I am going to try to research that one of these days (that guy has a weird story too). Anyway, I thought that you might like to hear that that was really my dad on that Superman video. We could all recognize his body language and face shape, etc. So, thanks again for keeping including my dad in your circus history blog!

Kathe Fox

Thank you, Kathe!

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