Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SHANE CASHIN: 1st Makeup, October 12, 2008


Mike Naughton said...

Shane has orange hair, naturally, why would you put a wig on him?
He is going to be your biggest competition---don't teach him everything at one time.
OK, if Mike Coco was COCO and then there was COCONUT, would it make sense that you are PAT and Shane is PITTER PAT?

Anonymous said...

Pitter Pat makes sense.
But (as a Brit) I have to say that Mike was Coconut before he took over the Coco name.


Anonymous said...

That's one good looking little clown you've made, Pat. Kid doesn't look shy or timid in the least.


Howard Wahlberg said...

Hi Pat,
Love the outfit--reminds me a lot of an outfit that our stilts trainer in '84 at CC wore, not as a costume, but to go out at night in. The lovely and talented Colleen Linnehan, who had not long before she arrived in Venice broke both wrists in a fall from a pair of 24 footers. I had such a crush on her but Dean Ron made it explicitly clear: no fraternizing, only clownerizing, between students and faculty.

Anonymous said...

It's only just occurred to me (maybe it's my age) that now we seem to have Pitter Pat and Pater Pat.

As well as which, please note my newfound skill with the headline!