Friday, October 17, 2008

CLOWN ALLEY: Ringling Blue Unit, 1980

Photos courtesy of Tom Dougherty

LEFT TO RIGHT: Heidi Vogel, Andrea Waller and Peggy King

LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom Parrish, Mike Fry, Tammy Parrish and Jim Streit.


Anonymous said...

The top unknown appears to be Heidi Vogel, the date seems right and the cigarette gives her away. She came to our CW alley after the road and was just marvelous. Her sense of humor was admired by all, and her clown’s subtleness read to the back of the house. Heidi blew CW to join Disney’s Character department just a few months before we closed down. She is now Heidi Macklin and a Character manager; I think she quite smoking years ago as did I. She is responsible for my 22 years and Disney.


Steve said...

I think the black female clown in the top photo is Andrea Waller and not Danise.
In the bottom photo the clown in the box is Jim Streit, I'm thinking the clown pulling the arm is Mike Fry.

Anonymous said...

That is Heidi Vogel. I worked with her at CW...along with 20 other clowns...for the 3 months before I went to the RBBB Clown College in 1985. I was right out of high school!
"Toto" Johnson

Jay said...

Iworked as a holiday elf at chicagos navy pier and I had worked with jim streit,he would perform his 30 minute show during our breaks.He was a nice guy and a true gentleman not like some performers you try to talk to back stage.he would also tell me stories about being on the road with ringling.Btw any news about the new rbbandb clown florida in a mall caled saw grass mills they have an interactive clown show using the colleges name,in a themepark called wanna do city....

Liz B said...

I would like to know where Peggy King is now. I know she was at Circus Circus in Las Vegas some time back. Our families were friends "back in the day."
Liz B