Saturday, December 27, 2008

THE BEATLES vs RADIOHEAD vs PINOCCHIO: Psychedelic Magical Mystery Mashup

Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the first airing of the Beatles film Magical Mystery Tour on the BBC.

In honor of the Beatles most experimental foray into film, here is the best Beatles mashup video that I've seen in awhile: "There Are No Strings on Me" from Walt Disney's Pinocchio seemlessly mashed up with Radiohead's Creep video and the Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" scene from Yellow Submarine.


Anonymous said...

Pat! This is the most amazing blog on the 'net, whether one is into clowns and clowning or not! I've just gone through the past several days of posts and the range of material in reverse order--the feelings each one evokes, taken together--laughter to real tears to awe and the ever-popular psychedelic "wow" was truly impressive!

Thanks for everything Pat...You and are internet treasures....

...and my belated Holiday wishes (How did I know they were "belated"...They were a private event, right?) to you and your charming family...

Michael Karp

Unknown said...


I love Beatles Mashups.. this is ok, could do without pinnocio lol

I always post CREEP for Celeb creeps when I find fitting to do

Anonymous said...

This mashup was done by a Brit by the name of Mark Vidler who makes really great mashups. if you or any other readers are interested, his website is:

Kudos to finding and putting this up! I still look for ways to use techno and such in future clown routines and mashups likes these are a treat.