Monday, December 22, 2008


I spent yesterday afternoon deep in the bowels of Broadway's Helen Hayes Theater showing circus and vaudeville clown videos to Slava Polunin and the cast of Slava's Snowshow. Charlie Rivel, Chaz Chase, Willie, West & McGinty, Johnny Puleo, O'Donnell & Blair and George Carl were all very big hits.

Last week I showed footage of Otto Griebling and Freddie Freeman doing the Boxing Gag and I'm sure that you could have heard the laughter all the way across 44th street.

While backstage I also had the opportunity to emotionally and physically support Ms. Hilary Chaplain and got to meet Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker and their six year old son, James.

Matthew and SJP and I discussed the show. James and I discussed clowns, Halloween, Christmas and Star Wars.

James likes Luke. Shane like Anakin ; )

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