Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ANDREI: Circus Grand; Happy Birthday Entree

I have the feeling that the essential comedy of this effect might be better served if the "puppet" character were a baby or a monkey on his hip rather than a coat come to life.

That's just my feeling. There are a few people doing "coat come to life" gags, some of them extremely well. I'm just thinking of how this might work with a different spin on it. Anyone else have any ideas?


Wes said...

When i first started clowning I had a goose Puppet I made, much like the Emu guy you post about weeks ago, but less violent.

Here are some stuff that might work well:http://www.axtell.com/bai.html

the arms not that hard to make or expensive to buy, and if your handy at sewing you can make a great puppet/prop to use, You get the idea thou.

Please not that I'm not suggesting that you have to spend alot of money to make a good gag. But hey if ya got it...why not!

Wes said...

When i first started Clowning in the mid 90's, I made a Goose puppet that attached to my clown coat much like the emu puppet you posted about weeks ago.

He's some good tips:

If your good, you can make alot of this stuff your self.

Matthew said...

I think the coat come to life effect is undermined here by the obvious rig in shoulders of the coat. It might as well be a figure, since we don't believe the magic of the coat. This gag is trying to be too many things, and therefore can't really be really good at any of them.

Anonymous said...

tina lanert I believe that was her name originated that coat rack illusion almost like carol burnets washer woman

Anonymous said...

Tina Lenert actually credits a stripper she saw perform the piece in Vegas, as well as, seeing physical comic/clown Kenny Raskin do his version.

I have seen many folks doing this piece and Tina Lenert's version is by far the best I have ever seen.

Kenny Ahern