Monday, January 12, 2009

BRANDON "DOOBY" FOSTER: News from the Red Show

I hope that the holidays treated you and your family great. Now that winter quarters is over I wanted to fill you in on some exciting news.

First of all, the whiteface circus clown is not dead in the Ringling alleys. Trish, a first of may this year, was specifically asked by Kenneth and Nicole to be a whiteface clown in the alley and she looks adorable. Just wait until you see the pictures!

I have to tell you, after taking pictures this year, the red alley looks great! While only a few of us wear wigs, the make-ups are great, and the costumes this year are amazing!

And the most exciting news I have to share, is that the clowns have a total of 7 spots in the show! We have 3 gag spots, 1 chase, 2 transitions, and of course blow-off!

I cannot wait until you can come out and see it for yourself!

All the best!


I'm looking forward to seeing the Red Show this year. My 10th wedding anniversary is coming up this April so it just may finally be time to take Shane to see the circus at the Garden and see where Mommy and Daddy tied the knot.


Anonymous said...

It is nice to know that you can still find a 'Dooby' on the Red Show. Some traditions never change!

Let's hear it for the Blue Show 'wave-a-round'!

Anonymous said...

Because all girl clown should be just adorable shouldn't they? Please, white faced and "cute" as possible, please just tell us girls that we are funny! Or else we'll start telling you boys you're just "darling"!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Brandon, you are a war criminal because you referred to the look of an individual female whiteface clown as "adorable". Even if that is your honest personal opinion of that specific individual, please try to taylor your comments so that they will apply to ALL female clowns (or is that ALL whiteface clowns, I'm not sure?) Maybe in the future, after you've become familiar with her work, you will also refer to her as "funny", but why wait, say it now or you'll be committing a crime against female clowns everywhere, or maybe against whiteface clowns everywhere, or maybe against female whiteface clowns everywhere. Or maybe just against people who like to get offended...

Best wishes to you, to Trish, and to all the clowns in the alley!

Rik Gern
P.S. I've been called "cute", "darling", "adorable", and even on very rare occasions, "funny". All such comments are welcome as long as they come from a sincere place.

Anonymous said...

Oh come ON!!! Can't we get back to cheesy drug references and bashing the Blue Show?

Anonymous said...

I WAS wondering about that nickname. Brandon, er "Doobie", do you have any stories about how that ?Stoned, I mean, INQUIRING, minds want to know.

Rik Gern

Anonymous said...

He is just making a casual comment. Don't freak out on us Jessi.

Anonymous said...

I remember a time when many girl clowns...and a few of the guys too...did their very best trying to be "adorable" or "cute" or whatnot. There was no shame in it! Some of the girls were funny...some were not. Same went for the guys.
My ex-wife...Rene' Coker..was one of the "cute" clowns on RBBB. Heck, she was 4 foot 7 folks! She was "adorable"! She was the "straight man" in most of our gags we did on RBBB. She also took one heck of a beating (board hits, chair falls in the construction gag that we did along with my CC roomate John Winslow when we clowned on Cirkus Olympia in Sweden.

"Toto" Johnson