Saturday, January 03, 2009


This is exactly what a three ring American whiteface circus clown is supposed to look like.

Sadly, you will never see one again. Ever.


Drew said...

All clowns are switching to European looks. Soon, white faces in general may be gone!

Chad said...

I, agree totally, itis sad to see what they put on the floor now and call a clown, in my opinionthe clown is the center of the circus and in todas circus this is poorly used, as a kid in the 1980s there would be 4 to 5 skits as well as walk arounds with the clowns now that average is one with no wak arounds. It is a shame to see what the circus has become a complete overpriced sham.

Anonymous said...

hooked on phonics worked for me

Anonymous said...

Thank God for the memories, like Emmett sweeping up the spotlight, Lou and his car, Otto and his package and on and on and so long ago. There are a number of great clowns still today, but other than a select few they have trouble getting booked and sometimes when they do they are "hamstrung" as to what they can/should do or can't shouldn't do.
God Bless you "real" American clowns; it is your insanity that keeps us sane and your feigned "pain" that aleviates our
real pain.
I hate to sound silly, but I wish I
had Bill Gates money; there'd be a heckuva a lot more clowns working on a heckuva lot more circuses...among other things.
Hang on to that greasepaint, the world will always need to laugh!

Paul G.

Anonymous said...

If I were King for a day then my first edict would be that all performing clowns would be required to look just like Cashin or Toto.