Saturday, January 03, 2009

THE WASHER WOMAN GAG: Look What's Happened to Billy Barton and Bobby Davis

Photo courtesy of Bill Strong

Billy Barton as "Baby Jane" and Bobby Davis as "Blanche" in their Whatever Happened to Baby Jane themed version of the classic Washer Woman gag.

Mike Naughton tells me that the music used for the gag was "Look What's Happen to Mabel" from the musical Mack and Mabel.

This 8x10 is currently available from Bill Strong's Gibtown Dime's Store on eBay and can be accessed by clicking the title of this post.


Anonymous said...

I had the honor of working with Billy and Bobby on Hamid.

Working this act with them, as the ringmaster, was just incredible.

The things that were said during the act, both heard by the audience and not heard by the audience, was roll on the floor hilarious. They would have me in tears laughing every show.

Billy was such a perfectionist with everything...and God forbid anyone called the act a clown gag. I can hear him now "Mary...this is a comedy act, NOT a clown gag!!!"

Does anyone have this, or their Dog Pie act, on video?

-Dan McCallum

bozoette said...

Oh. My. God. That is hilarious! I worked with Billy and Bobby on George Matthews Great London Circus in '76, when Billy was still doing his Prince Navez cloud swing act -- a great act, by the way. (I will never forget the time he showed me a rotating dildo; quite an education for a first-of-May girl clown!) Remind to tell you of a very interesting conversation I had with Bobby...

Anonymous said...

I loved getting phone calls from Billy. You never had to guess who it was..."Hello...f... you Mary..." How many us of remember and still miss...Billy Sez in Circus Report?

Paul G.