Thursday, May 14, 2009


Information courtesy of Jimmy Graham

Cowboy Mike Keever is currently in the hospital with pancreatitus.

Here is his information:
Skaggs Regional Medical Center
PO Box 650
Room 121
Branson, Missouri, 65615
417-335-7000 room 121

Please call Mike only if you personally know Mike, otherwise I know that he'd love a card or to read your message in the comments of this post. We all love ya, Mike. Get better soon!!!


Anonymous said...

Get well soon!!! and god bless Rob...

Anonymous said...

I finally got around to calling today and Cowboy Mike had checked out, so hopefully that means he's on the mend.
Mike was a big help in offering up some advice before I left for my first circus job with Culpepper - Merriweather back in '96
- Andrew Scharff

ccbaker said...

Hope you are doing better. Our family has always treasured his kindness [and gifts of rubber chickens] to my dad, Bill Crosby in Fanwood, NJ.

Anonymous said...

I became friends with Cowboy Mike when he performed for the Shrine Circus here in Maine. Miss having contact with you, Mike! Please take care of yourself!