Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Scott Saidel

Eric Mischel

We all owe a debt of gratitude to these two men, Scott Saidel and Eric Mischel, for getting back.

And to Facebook.

And the Old Bridge Township School System in general and the Lakeridge West bus in particular.

Neither of them are clowns.

I went to school with both of them.

When the blog disappeared Scott, who I hadn't seen since high school, sent me a very nice Facebook message telling me that he'd Googled my name one day, discovered the blog and how much he'd enjoyed it. He knew that Eric, who we'd both gone to school with, worked at Google and suggested contacting him.

Eric and I had been very good friends in middle school. We'd slept over each other's houses, played Atari, rode bikes... typical middle school stuff. I went to Eric's Bar Mitzvah. His father gave me the best lesson I ever got on how to throw a baseball and my very first, and best, stock tip ("Just put your money in the bank.")

I sent him a Facebook message and Eric, who I hadn't seen in 25 years really went above and beyond to get things back up and running here.

So, the old adage really is true: there is no friend like an old friend.

If you appreciate having the archives here back please take a moment to thank Scott and Eric because without them this would very likely have been gone forever.

Thank you guys!


Billy The Clown said...

I thank Scott and Eric, has become one of my every morning reads

John Peters said...

Thank you both, Scott & Eric. I'm glad is back up. Thanks for all you did and I know how much Pat appreciates it.

John Peters

Bob Kelmer said...

THANK YOU GENTS! This blog was greatly missed by alot of folks Worldwide! I tip my clown hat to you!
Bob Doodles Kelmer
RBBB Clown College 88
Gold Unit Japan 89
Bum since then

Anonymous said...

Thank you..thank you...thank you!!!
"Toto" Johnson

Matthew said...

Oh, so many thanks! This whole story makes me so happy on so many levels!

Anonymous said...

I thank them as well. This blog is a great resource, and I was sad when it went missing.

Two words Pat...

"Back Up"

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Scott and Eric...
"" may not seem very important in the general scheme of things, but your restoration of this website preserves, in one central resource, a vital archive of a significant area in American pop culture.
Good work...and the thanks of many around the globe...
--Michael Karp

Anonymous said...

Thank you Scot and Eric!

This site and Pat's work to create it is very important to so many of us in this business. Now my morning coffee has it's companion again. Thanks again.

Tom Dougherty


Thank you
Great to see you back!

Anonymous said...

This blog is really a world of knowledge for new clowns as well as vets. Thank you Scott and Eric for all you have done in helping us get this forum back online.

Jack Ryan said...

Your efforts are greatly appreciated, Scott & Eric.

So many of us are grateful to have Pat's alive and kicking again.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Scott & Eric! I think for the next go-around of CLOWNALLEY.NET awards, there will be a special honorary "Golden Clown Nose" for the work and efforts you guys put foward to help save this incredible resource.

-Greg DeSanto

XOD said...

Thank You Guys!

Anonymous said...

Please add my thanks to Scott and Eric as well!! Now I don't feel like a part of my day is missing anymore!!
Thank you Thank you!!!
Oh, and thank you, too, Pat :) !

Sandy Weber

Mark Lavender said...

To Scott and Eric,

Thank you so very much for honoring and helping your friend, Pat.
And also, thank you for helping restore a valuable clown info resource.
You've certainly put a smile on my face today and a warm glow in my heart for your kind and diligent efforts.
You guys are so appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Scott and Eric! I second Greg's motion.

Kenny Ahern

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you, thank you, thank you. This has been a labor of love for Pat and is invaluable.

Clownron said...

Thanks Scott and Eric...

Now you know what it feels like to make a LOT of people happy.

Welcome to the club!

Anonymous said...

Scott & Eric, we all thank yo0u for getting this archive back and running. Those of us who have become " junkies" can now get our daily fixes.

Since Pat has started this blog, we have been exposed to a whole world of clowning. I especially enjoy all the links to European circus, old photos from the "golden age" of the circus and all the neat stage clowning that we find on this site.

Maybe we can prevail upon you to add one more feature to help us out--some search engine that will index all the stuff archived here. Now that I have an air card for the laptop, I'm finally able to watch the neat videos. It really makes my day. Even better than watching the grass grow.

Once again, many thanks for coming to bat for Pat and the rest of us.

Elmo Gibb

John said...

Thanks indeed. I go along with Greg's suggestion, except that I think the Award should be made right now. So if Greg is willing to make that a proposal, I would appreciate the honour/honor of seconding it.
Assuming this goes forward, those in favour/favor, please show.

Tommy Moore said...

Somebody once said, "The clowns make people smile - who makes the clowns smile?" Scott, Eric, and Pat - You Do! ---Thanks, and God Bless Ya!
Tommy Moore

BAMBOUK said...

The Bambouk boys second and third all of the comments below and above. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Scott and Eric,
Thank you for gathering all of us clowns and friends back together under this worlds largest circus tent. This is the most wonderful place to share and celebrate our humorous history together.

Enjoy being in the ring with all of us.

"Mr. Bill" Machtel

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add my thanks to Scott and Eric, as well as to Pat for making this blog one of the very few things on the World Wide Web that's consistently worth looking into.
That you could go in and find all the missing pieces makes you a genius of the most valuable sort. And, ain't it great to have friends??
You lads have just become friends to clowns all over the world. I dare say there could be some backstage invites involved in several different shows around, if you simply identified yourselves and Pat put for the good word.
And, Pat, a huge thank you for all the effort you put into this site. You've got to know it is very well received.

Tedrick Snider

Anonymous said...

God Bless you real good Scott and Eric and Cashew too!


Jango said...

Thanks a million Scott & Eric. You guys deserve a medal.
Jango Edwards