Friday, March 19, 2010


Henry Ringling North, brother of John Ringling North and nephew of the original Ringling brothers, recipient of the Silver Star for his service in WWII and who served at various times as vice president, treasurer, director and operations chief of the Greatest Show on Earth.

Today his son John Ringling North II owns and operates the Kelly-Miller Circus. I have only heard absolutely glowing reviews of this year's all-new 2010 edition which again features two of America's best circus clowns, perennial favorites Steve Copeland and Ryan Combs.

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Joey said...

Absolutely 2 of the best clowns today! Run, Drive, Fly, Swim, Take a Bus, a Train, an Areo Plane. See these guys when you can and support them. I happen to know they feed on anything free! Hint, Hint!