Friday, March 05, 2010



What is The Iron Clown Challenge?

The Iron Clown Challenge is a all-out battle between Ringling Alleys for ultimate supremacy.

Why only Ringling Alleys?

Because the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Greatest Show on Earth is the only show with real Alleys who have to deal with real Performance Directors and other corporate types who could and would prevent or punish them for attempting to honorably complete the challenge.

What is the "challenge"?

To get as many members of the Alley to perform each challenge IN A SINGLE SHOW as possible and to provide timestamped video evidence, posted to YouTube.

Points are awarded thusly...

10 POINTS: Awarded to Alley members performing the challenge on the floor during pre-show.

100 POINTS: Awarded to Alley members performing the challenge during a gag within the performance.

500 POINTS: Awarded to Alley members performing the challenge during production numbers.

The Iron Clown Challenge will NEVER be something inappropriate that would damage the image of the show or the clowns, merely something unusual that could (and very well may) go completely unnoticed.

Thus, if the particular challenge is to be on the floor barefoot, an Alley would receive 10 points a piece for video evidence (with a timestamp) of each clown on the floor for pre-show without shoes or socks. 100 points would be awarded for each clown barefoot clown on the floor in a ring gag. 500 points would be awarded for video evidence of each barefoot clown on the floor during opening, spec or finale.

If, say, a 12 person Alley were to accept the Iron Clown Challenge to appear barefoot but none accepted the challenge to do it outside of pre-show, that 12 person Alley would be awarded 120 points.

Each clown may appear only once in the final video, thus Lance Brown appearing barefoot throughout the entire second show on Saturday will only net the Alley the 10 points for appearing barefoot in the pre-show. He is not awarded the full 610 points.

If Lance, for example, were to present timestamped video evidence of his appearing barefoot ALL DAY on Saturday he would still only be eligible for one show.

So the challenge is to work barefoot at some point?

No. That is just the example. This week's Iron Clown Ingredient will be revealed here at 9:00 PM EST.

Boss Clowns: Choose your show on Saturday, grab your video cameras and find your camera people. Your Alley's honor is at stake!

Any questions must be posted here before 9:00 PM EST. No further questions can be submitted or will be answered after that time.

For the rest of you: Buy your tickets for this weekend and possibly be there to witness the very first IRON CLOWN CHALLENGE!


Anonymous said...

There's no way Dustin Portillo's going for this. Red alley loses, sorry.

Pat Cashin said...

Smack talk? Already?!?

Anonymous said...

Kyle if you see this do it for me my friend see u soon.Rob...

Anonymous said...

the red alley has more clowns. Is that unfair?


Anonymous said...

It's the red show... they NEED more clowns.


Anonymous said...

Although it's a fun idea, I think Anonymous #1 is right...

SO?!? Any feedback? Did anyone complete the challenge?