Friday, March 05, 2010



That's right! Ringling clowns munchin' down, goin' to town this Saturday crunchin' on PICKLES!

Edited, timestamped videos must be posted to YouTube with the title "Iron Clown Challenge"
no later than 9:00 AM EST on Monday to be eligible.

Good luck and may the best Alley win!


Anonymous said...


Pat Cashin said...

Some people see pickles and ask "Why?"

Others see pickles and ask "Why not?"

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying why pickles, I'm saying why do it. It doesnt do anything for the alley. Its just more exposure for your website. And this only works if three things happen.
#1 Anyone in the alley even look at your website
#2 Seeing as you told everyone today, i would be surprised if they even have pickles just laying around
#3 They have to care enough about this challenge to even do it

Pat Cashin said...

Yeah, it's a big "exposure" thing. You found me out.

I'm expecting 2,500,000 hits from around the world with people on the edge of their seats just DYING to find out if Cricket had a kosher dill with him during finale at some point today ; )

Either they do it or they don't.

But the Alley that wins has one month of bragging rights over the Alleys that don't.

You must have been a lot of fun in college there, "Anonymous".

Pat Cashin said...

I'd I've already been contacted that at least one of the units is locked, loaded and ready to go.

Anonymous said...

we are waiting with baited breath to hear the "bragging"

Dean said...

Anonymous is a real wet blanket. I'm with Pat here. I think it's exciting. As a clown I can never resist a challenge. Performers love doing stuff like this. I was in a Shakespeare production and we all challenged each other: Whoever sneaks the word "Tangerine" into the dialogue the most time wins. So we all went nuts and a by the end of the play there were audience members who thought it was a directorial decision to insert a fruit metaphor. That was the funnest show of the run.

Freelance Dork said...

It's alley shenanigans, taking advantage of current technology to foster nonabusive boredom-breaking, future jackpotting, and general making sure that in the current big-show climate and practices, none of the alleys develops a self-important stick up the collective butt.

Besides, it's more of a challenge to use actual pickles than one of "Use a whistle for an entire gag."

I would politely invite Mr./Ms. Nonymous to just stand back, should one be so against it. Shenanigans are generally part of an alley and it's one of the many traditions of which Pat and others are trying to prevent the disappearance. If you don't like it, then simply don't participate and maybe even start your own daily blog. It neither hurts nor denigrates anyone in any way.

If you want to get all "artiste" about it, it's a way to exercise certain performance muscles. Can you complete this challenge during pre-show and still keep it about entertaining the people around you while you do it? Can you do it while making the audience members think this must always happen?

That's the way I view it in any case.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

The creativity of the said "Challenge" is being able to do so without it affecting anything, like Pat said before. I remember when I was on the Show a while back, trying to get a rubber chicken into a cast shot. Took ALOT of time, but I was finally able to get it in without anyone every knowing. It's the "Art of Stealth". Are the Alley's "stealth" enough to pull off this challenges. With so many morales these days, why not do one that could possibly, as Freelance Dork so put, go into Jackpotting Stories that are told for generations to come.

I say to the Alleys, don't WUSS OUT on the challenges, but embrace them for what they are; DULLDRUM BREAKERS!!

Anonymous said...

So who won?

Anonymous said...

I bet it was the Blue Alley!!