Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Word from the family is that rumors of Tito's death are just that. He has been confirmed still alive but listed in critical condition at Medical University of South Carolina as of March 3, 2010 at 06:20 PM EST.

Please keep Tito and his family in your hearts, minds and prayers as we wait hopefully for better news.



Thanks for the accurate update Pat. I hate to say but it was with well meaning spirit we helped spreading the word inaccurately. Thanks again. Have fun over the pond!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. The Montoyas are my mothers neighbors and we have been unable to reach them to get updates but had been notified at the time of the accident by Mariiza's husband. We will continue to pray for the entire family.

ConspiracyCat said...

I was there when this happened and shot the footage of the heliocopter taking off with Tito to MUSC. I posted a link on my Facebook page that shows the fall. You will have to scroll down to March 2, 2010 to find it (ABC News 4).!/profile.php?id=1069043399

I called MUSC Friday afternoon because I was going to attempt to take him flowers Sat. (attempt is the operative word because of the privacy act it is much harder to pay any respect to someone that is a stranger but I have no idea why I am so concerned other than I was raised in Miami by a Cuban father and I have a hunger for the art of aerial silk and flying) They said he was released that (Friday) morning. If any one has any news about his condition. All they said on the news was that he underwent surgery for bleeding on the brain. It is hard to understand how this can happen to someone with so much experience except that by the video it almost appears that maybe he was about to pass out or something only because his body language on the trap looks confused (ie. the direction he is facing/the motion of swing)and appears non-directional in overall focus so I don't know if the altitude was a factor or if he just got dizzy or what. There is no vocal by him as he fell so that is also something to consider. Please someone contact me and let me know if he is OK. My prayers to him and his family. Angel Phoenix

Anonymous said...

He DIED after brain surgery