Friday, June 04, 2010

CLOWN ALLEY: Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus (1973)

Scan courtesy of Holly Pitchell


Freelance Dork said...

I am a big fan of Bernie Kallman's makeup and have been for a while!

Mr. Pitts said...

Lookit all those whitefaces. Times have changed. I had a photography book from around this era with photos of the Beatty show. I loved that book, I spent so much time with it these guys seem like old friends to me.

Elmo Gibb said...

I started seeing the show in 1969 and caught it most years. Those old-timers didn't only have great make-ups, they were individually funny and worked real well together in the ring gags. That great photography book is "Circus Days" by Jill Friedman. Do a search on Amazon and BUY A COPY!!!


Mike Naughton said...

Dennis Stevens told me that he work on three circuses: Pollack, Ringling and Beatty-Cole; he started out as a contortionist. Dennis hailed from the Utica, New York area and was a big help to me when I hung around the alley as a teenager.

Kenny was the only clown who had a motorhome, it was a shiny new Winnebago.