Friday, June 04, 2010

GARNER, WOLFE & HAKINS: Swing, Swing, Swing

Three of over the 20 comedians who worked as part of Ted Healy's stooge act were cousins Mousie Garner & Jack Wolfe (father of sportscaster Warner Wolfe) and Richard Hakins between 1922 and 1936. Although none of these three were ever members of the act at the same time as Larry Fine, Moe Howard, Curly Howard or Shemp Howard, Mousie Garner did cross paths with the Three Stooges on several occasions and would later join the New Three Stooges in the 1970s (with Curly Joe DeRita and Emil Sitka).

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Anonymous said...

Emil Sitka wasn't a member of the new Three Stooges. Emil was announced as a member of the Three Stooges with Moe Howard, Curly Joe DeRita.

The New Three Stooges were Curly Joe DeRita, Mousie Garner and Frank Mitchell.