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Jigalov & Morinov: Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde

Andrey Jigalov was born on April 21, 1966 in Chelyabinsk. He grew up on the CHP. From an early age he was engaged in music. At the age of 13 he composed his first song and since then, according to him, he has not parted with the guitar. "The courts still remember my "concerts,"" he said. 

After graduating from the eighth grade of school, he studied at the Chelyabinsk Vocational School, having received a specialty of welder. Then he worked at the Chelyabinsk tractor factory. 

In 1984-1986 he served in the Soviet Army and served in Shuya. In 1987 he entered the GUCEI (State School of Circus and Variety Art by M. Rumyantsev (Pencil). 

He became widely known in 1990, when he played the main role - Kolya - in the tragicomedy of Nikolai Dostal "Cloud-paradise". Thinking of the film "Cloud-paradise", Nikolai Dostal was looking for an actor similar to Yuri Nikulin in his youth. The candidacy of Andrei Jigalov was prompted by actress Alla Kluka. 

In the plot of the film loitering in the yard from idleness Kohl annoys neighbors with stupid conversations. Not finding interlocutors on the street, he goes to his friend Feda. Meet him tired and indifferent. Wanting to attract attention, Kolya says that he is supposedly going to go to a friend - the Far East. This decision finds universal support, Kolya becomes a local hero, all the neighbors participate in his gatherings and wires. Under the dictation of Fedi he writes a statement of dismissal, Valya collects his suitcase, enterprising neighbors buy his furniture. For the decision to leave boring monotonous life Kolya gets respect and even good envy of friends. And when he says that the story of leaving - just a fiction, no one believes him. Kolya is put on the bus, and he leaves his hometown and the people who became his closest for that day. 

According to a survey of film critics and journalists, "Cloud-Paradise" was recognized as the best film of the year, the role of Andrey Jigalov - the best male role. 

For his work in this film, he received the Prize "For breaking the barrier between films for the chosen and cinema for all" at the first film festival "Kinotavr" in 1991. In 1992 he was awarded the Golden Aries Prize. He was also awarded the "Silver Leopard" - a special grand prize of the jury and the second prize of the city of Locarno, the prize of the ecumenical jury, the prize of the youth jury, the prize of the International Confederation of Experimental Cinema in Locarno. He also won the Grand Prix II MFEC (France) and the Special Jury Prize for the Cast of the Young Actors Film Festival in Geneva. Andrey Jigalov in the film "Cloud-paradise" 

In the 1990s he played in several more films - "Body," "The Hermit," "Education of Cruelty in Women and Dogs," "It's Not Serious" and others. He worked as a clown with Eduard Alekseenko at the Center of The Eccentrics of Alexander Jerome. In 1992 he was awarded a gold medal at the prestigious circus festival "Circus of Tomorrow" in Paris. 

In 1993 he left under a circus contract for Germany, where he settled. With his variety-circus "Jigalov-show" performed in the best circuses in Europe. Recognized as one of the best clowns in the world. He received almost all the highest awards in the field of circus arts, including the "Chaplin Cup" at the international competition in Canada. In 2003 he received the highest award of the circus world - "Silver Clown" at the circus festival in Monte Carlo from the hands of Princess Stephanie. 

In 2005, he starred with Nikolai Dostal in the sequel to the film "Cloud-Paradise" - the picture "Kola-roll the field". This is a new story about the same heroes. Once accidentally thrown in front of witnesses phrase forced Kolya to leave his house and her girlfriend. Overcoming the seas and oceans, Kolya returns to his hometown, unaware of the changes that occurred in his absence. For fellow countrymen such a surprise - a complete surprise, splashed out a storm of emotions and escalated into panic, because the arrival of Kohli - the real threat of their measured life. Like ten years ago, Kolya invents a story that turns everything upside down. At the 2005 Window to Europe Film Festival, the film "The Rolling Field" was awarded the Special Jury Prize "Golden Rook". Andrey Jigalov in the film "Kola-roll-up field" 

In 2007, jigalov starred in the joint production of Kazakhstan, Germany, Russia and France "Songs of the Southern Seas." In 2011 he played the role of Vasi Skvortsov in the crime series "Comrades Cops". In 2016, he shot a video "Ranetki" about a Chelyabinsk guy. The text was composed by Yuri Kosintsev, his colleague by profession and countryman. 

Andrey Jigalov lives in Berlin,Germany, and continues to work as a clown. His performance of La Clown on the German NETWORK's GOP variety show for 15 years has been the leader in the number of viewers who have visited it. He performs with the Jigalov and Friends Show in well-known circuses and variety shows - Roncalli, Knie, variete Wintergarten, etc.

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