Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Quidam: Toto and Voki


    From Le Grand Chapiteau: In 2004, with subversive, crazy audience participation numbers, Toto (Guillermo Castineiras) and Voki (Voki Kalfayan) brought a contemporary North American vision of clowning to the show by bringing some of David Shiner's best acts. In the "Film Scene" (as seen in Nouvelle Experience) Voki plays an embittered film director who tries to guide four audience members through a few routines for a shocking scene in his film. The dictatorial director grows increasingly frustrated with his actors’ abilities (or inabilities), and hence the comedy. Another is the re-introduction into what has become a crowd-favorite in "The Car", in which Toto selects a female audience member to go on a drive-date with. {NOTE: Sometimes it's just Voki, sometimes it's just Toto; In 2006, Voki left and and others have played opposite Toto, such as: Ambrose Martos (2006), Eric Davis (2007-2008), and Fabio Esposito (2010) amongst others.}

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