Tuesday, December 29, 2020

More Clowns From Ralph Pierce

A couple more program scans from the collection of Ralph Pierce. In the first you can see a white faced Tom Sink, better known as "Popcorn", who performed on mud shows for many years. I know him best from his stint on Kelly Miller. Also a photo of Buck Nolan, long time Clyde Beatty clown, sporting a makeup that's new to me.

The second page.....that's anybody's guess. I'm guessing the pair in the upper left corner are Roberto & Eleazar....just rolls off the tongue.
Any info on any of those clowns (or the show they're on) would be most appreciated!

Additional info from Dan McCallum and Greg DeSanto: Also pictured in the first photo are Walt and Millie Stimax, who in addition to being clowns had a chimp act.
The first photo is most likely from a Hoxie Bros. program.

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