Monday, November 06, 2006

Look At the Size (and Quality) of That Alley!

Photo courtesy of Sue Lenz

The Alley of the 1975 Ringling Red Unit Bicentennial Tour.

Among the stars it's easy to pick out Doug Ashton, Duane "Uncle Soapy" Thorpe, Glen "Frosty" Little, Bobby Kay, Kochmanski and Lou Jacobs but how many of the others can you name?


GregDeSanto said...

There's Ruthie Chaddock,Barry Lubin,Steve LaPorte,Mike Padilla,Serfe Roche,Bruce Gutilla(sp),Jimmy Brisco,Peggy williams, Mark Stolenzburg, Mike King...

to be continued

Mike Naughton said...

Two years later, Bobby Kay gave me the wardrobe that he is wearing in this photo as a memento.

Anonymous said...

Jim Tinsman...

Anonymous said...

Let's please not forget Lou's dog "Knucklehead".

Anonymous said...

Mark Buthman Ron Jarvis,Richard Mann,Vince Monzo,Chino,Lenny Wolen,and yours truly.
Mitch Freddes

Mike Naughton said...

Kathy Herb, CC 74, is there too.

Mr. Lee said...

looks like Dale Longmire too!!

Anonymous said...

The last three are Tim Doody, John Mckay and Pee Wee (Lou's other dog)
A great alley !!

Pat Cashin said...

Here's what I had, if those of you who were there could please fill in the folks IDed with (u*), those are the folks for whom I have not yet placed the name with the face.


TOP ROW: from Richard Mann, the whiteface at the top, moving right to left:

Richard Mann, Doug Ashton, Peggy Williams, (u*)

SECOND ROW: from Barry Lubin on left moving right:

Barry Lubin, Leonard Wolen, (u*), John McHugh

THIRD ROW: from Mark Stolzenberg on left moving right:

Mark Stolzenberg, Mitch Freddes, Bobby Kay, Ruth Chaddock, Bruce Gutilla, (u*), Ron Jarvis

FOURTH ROW: from Duane "Uncle Soapy" Thorpe moving left to right:

Duane Thorpe, (u*), Kochmanski (with Tim Doody over his shoulder), (u*) Jim Tinsman, Glen "Frosty" Little

FIFTH ROW: From Mike King, left to right:

Mike King, Mike Padilla, Kathy Herb (leaning in), Jimmy Briscoe and Serf Rocha


Knucklehead, Lou Jacobs, Pee-Wee (in lap)