Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rex "Boxcar" Young

Photo courtesy of the CFA website

Ever the consummate producing clown, Rex "Boxcar" Young with a classic comedy car gag.

Notice the "Hotel de Boxcar" of in the distance.

I've been told Rex is still living around the Detroit area. Has anyone spoken to him lately?


GregDeSanto said...

I'd love to know more about Rex. He seemed to be a major fixture on Shrine dates with his comedy car acts (including a "Reggie Van Young"-Jackie Gleasonish, carwash production gag that looks very interesting. If he's still with us, he'd be a good oral history subject to be taped...along with Joe Vanni, Chuck Burnes, Mike Coco, Bernie Kaleman, Kenny Dodd, Jackie LeClaire, Jimmy James, Peluza and I'm sure quite a few more .


24-HOUR-MAN said...

Rex Young is as funny off stage as he is on, we would go out to eat,(he & Sandy know where every "unique" restaurant in the USA is located), he would tell the waitress that he was chief of the Volunteer Fire Dept. and couldn't be away from the firehouse too long, to get them to bring our orders fast.

The last I knew they were living in Holland, Mich. I'll tell you, he is missed in the business by evaryone who knew him.

By the way if you don't have it I have Joe's phone #, he is still pretty sharp, and enjoys talking about the good times.

bgfdhcgs....Pat did you ever consider opening a business making eye exam charts????

Gary said...

Google says:

Rex E Young (616) 392-2527 276 Lincoln Ave,Holland, MI 49423

Is that him?

GregDeSanto said...

Any Rex film out there? I've only seen photo's, but I imagine some fan may have shot some of his car routines.