Monday, December 04, 2006

Los Alarcons

Photo courtesy of Bill Strong

The name came up the other day so here's a photo of musical comedy act, Los Alarcons.

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Mike Naughton said...

A few times Los Alarcons would do a boxing match in the middle of the musical act. Hilarious. The piece de resistance was Leo's slow pants drop, then subsequent re-panting where both of his legs ended up in one pants leg. After a long but perfectly timed period of bewilderment he would look at the audience and exclaim, "I lost my leg."
On one occassion Yankee Doodle Circus was playing a town in New Jersey with a predominantly Cuban-American population. Los Alarcons did their act in English but added about 6 Spanish-spoken phrases which brought knee-slapping and foot stomping from the adults in the audience.
I was concerned that the phrases might not be "family-friendly" so afterwards I asked Nany what he said in Spanish. He was almost insulted that I would question his comedy but assured me that he sayings were appropriate for children, too. Since our sponsor spoke Spanish and raised no concerns I figured all was OK.