Saturday, April 14, 2007


Fumagalli, the European clown appearing with the Big Apple Circus next season.


Anonymous said...

ooh what a pitty the best gaga has been cut at the end of the first video.

at the end he nocks on the podium and goes... then he turns around and whistkes at the podium.... there is an man under it: he stands up with the podium and runs out: wreally funny.
for the rest is fumagalli mutch louder than other european clowns. and sometimes he acts wreally silly. not so stillefull like es rosyans or other european clowns.
i like the table number but is is not polished yet.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I hope there is more to his repertoire than these pieces. Pleasant enough but nothing special. Big Apple seems to drag stuff across the pond that best be left on the other side of the great puddle. The current reprise clown, Francesco, leaves me colder than a slab of bacon on the back corner of the bottom self of a GE Monitor refrigerator. Francesco looks like a guy up the street that got dressed up to entertain at his kid's birthday party. Did the Big Apple people scour EUROPE for comedy talent or did they just drop to the depths for bottom feeders?