Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Two of the most distinct makeups of the early Clown College era, two great instructors and two of the nicest guys that you'd ever want to meet, Leon "Buttons" McBryde and Jim Howle.

For those of you who don't know, Leon is the "ProKnows Guy", the maker of great quality clown noses, makeup and other accesories that have dramatically improved the look of clowns all around the world.

Jim Howle also has a line of makeup and noses but is probably best known as America's premier clown portaitist. His paintings of clowns such as Lou Jacobs, Felix Adler, Emmett Kelly, Otto Griebling, Leon McBryde, Frosty Little, Bobby Kay and Mike Keever (just to name a few) serve to wonderfully legitimize my arguement for the study of "Classic American Circus Clown Makeup Design As Vanishing American Folk Art".

I don't believe that Mr. Howle has a website. Clicking the title of this post will take you to Mr. McByde's PROKNOWS.COM.

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