Tuesday, July 24, 2007

OLEG POPOV: Spotlight Entree


Anonymous said...

Clearly a young Popov. I seem to recall somebody saying that he doesn't smile. Not now, true, but obviously he did then.
It must have been 2 or 3 years ago that I saw him do a revised version of this in Den Haag (The Hague). This version appeals to me far more.


Anonymous said...

oh my god this must be a very old video:

look how young he is on that.
he is going to be 76 on the 31 of july.

and lots of things changed since the video:
he has a completly different red nose now.

the entree is longer and the light is not in a basket anymore but in his hat, at the end he throws the light back in the tent.

and does our blogmaster notices popov smiles during the act.

well next week I'm going to send him an e-mail card for his birthday ( in german to Gaby because he only speaks russian) do I mention the clownalley on it??

Anonymous said...

john he actually now also smiles:

I met him in brussels some time ago and he is a very kind man!!

hard to speak to without translation but once you find a translator how can translate a language you speak into russian he's very kind. doesnt speaks much but what he says is to the point.

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe than anybody who has lived in Germany as long as he has does not speak German or at least understand it.
But there are exceptions to every rule.


Anonymous said...

I could hardly believe it either:

but he only speaks russian.
and maybe 3 three words german ( ja nein and danke)

and two words english: yes and no.

actually Gaby studied Russian instead him studiing german.

yes it is unnusual : he lives in germany for more then 15 years now ( somewhere around nurenberg in frankenland)
travelled the whole world and speaks only one language ( and most circus people speak 3 or 4 languages; most old clowns like chickys even more and fransesco caroli even 7!!).

It is also in his book: the always used a translater: there presschef melle vandervelde actually didnt understand russian. but the translater was Ill at a pressconfrence. but he didnt understand a word from what was popov was saying and popov dindt unerstand the international questions.

so melle answerd what he tought oleg would say and oleg just said something in russian: thats he slept wel , that he was lost in the city yesterdag etc....

and the presschef informed the ress about olegs vision on the perestrojka of gorbatsjov.

strange situation!!

yes he is the exeption and he doesnt wants to learn an other language.

he is proud to be russian but doesnt goes to russia anymore.

In the communistic days he earned 7 dollars a day but the state made millions with the state circus.

know he's retired and the state gives him for his pension miserable 12 dollars a month!!!

I can understand why he keeps performing in the west.

but why he doesnt speak any english or german: no idea.

I guess it is the russian vodka