Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Sandy "Polidor1" Weber has just put a new (well not SO new...) movie up on his website.

It is a sequence from a 1968 TV special called THE CIRCUS IS BORN. This clip features an interview with "Prince Paul" Alpert and shows him making up in the Alley. You can also see Frankie Saluto and (possibly) Mike Padilla in the background cutting up and trying to steal focus.

To view the video, simply click the title of this post.

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Anonymous said...

The Prince had the gift of gab. The gentleman who has his hand shook in the very beginning of the clip is Billy Ward (out of make-up of course), and the entire piece is shot in the old clown alley in the Venice WQ. My trunk was always spotted in Mark Anthony's spot, and there were signs with the clowns names identifing their trunk spots in the alley.