Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I saw this posted the other day on The Clown College onelist and thought that it was important to share with everyone.

From Cowboy Mike Keever...

Calling all clowns who care...that we are very lucky to have one of our best American Circus Clowns still with us.

Chuck Sidlow and his lovely wife Noriko were driving home from work late on New Year's Eve when their car was struck head on by a drunk driver.

We all love Chuck. He has touched so many lives. I have never known anyone who ever met Chuck to ever say (even many years later)..."Chuck, Chucko, Chuck I don't remember him." Chuck is truly one of a kind. "Unbrerievable!" Thank God they are home, but they are banged up and bruised and of course pretty shook up. I spoke with him tonight.

I would like to ask as many of you as I am sending this out please send Chuck (& Noriko) a card, a whoopie cushion, a coloring book & crayons, a goofy toy, a gag gift, some candy, a copy of an old photo would be great!!!!!! Send him some money if you want.... this is going to be a costly recovery I am sure!

Mostly though....let's all give him a big hug, as our friend Mr. Steve Smith would so lovingly say!!!!! Let's let this X-tra Special friend of ours know that we love him and are glad that he's still here!!!!!!!
I don't know if he wants me to give out his address so let's do it this way....please send your cards and gifts ASAP to...

Chuck Sidlow
c/o Circus Sarasota
8251 15th St. E Suite B
Sarasota, FL 34243


Anonymous said...


Everyone's entitled to one close call like that -- make sure it's your last!

Best to you and Noriko, bruddah! Stay well ... and keep an eye on the mailbox! ;-)

--Craig, Barbara, Alexandra, and Kyle (your circus/rasslin buds up PA way)

Anonymous said...

hes my uncle

i live in nj so we dont talk much
glad to hear hes ok
with love
ben sidlow