Monday, January 07, 2008

GREG DESANTO: More on Recreating Coco's Crazy Colorists on Ringling, 1988/89

Photos courtesy of Greg DeSanto

Kevin "Nasty" Thompson giving Greg DeSanto a face full of soap.

Future Blue Unit Boss Clown Jeff Schott, future Amazing Race contestant Al Rios and Greg DeSanto.

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Anonymous said...

We had a great pie gag at “The Ringling Park.” An important factor in Theme Parks like Circus World is that that cast and roles are always changing because of scheduling days off. But meanwhile, back to the gag: I will summarize: 33 gallons of shaving cream, it’s a pie factory with a conveyor belt, ploppers, stackers, a foreman, a boss, a shelf that becomes a board swing, and a hat that for some unknown reason squirts white stuff 20 feet in the air. The Mexican Hat Dance is a funny sort of pause before the truly artistic mayhem creates itself. The timing of a twenty foot pie throw that was meant Mister Safety who was tying his shoe at the time and the pie exploded in the face of the foreman is priceless, enhanced by follow spots, the best band around because they wanted to play this circus music. A drummer who was a fan with rim shots galore, can you picture it?