Friday, January 11, 2008

CLOWN ALLEY: The Big Apple Circus 1996/97

Photo courtesy of Greg DeSanto

Barry "Grandma" Lubin and Greg DeSanto on the Big Apple Circus during the second act soap gag (the first in Big Apple's history) during their 1997 production, The Medicine Show.

Besides attending a taping of the WGN Bozo Super Sunday show and meeting Robin Eurich, Jim La and Cynthia Tegemeyer, watching this show is what inspired me to attend the 1997 Ringling Clown College audition.

So blame them ;)


Anonymous said...

I want to say, the year Denny LaCombe performed his robot soap entree, might have been the first soap routine to appear on the BAC. Our year was definatly the first time Barry Lubin went headfirst into the suds, and the reaction from the audience was always very loud.


Anonymous said...

"Grandma" MONTE CARLO Bound Good Luck from +100 Lubin Tent No. 2 Members. And the entire Circus Fans Association Membership... Have a safe trip as you depart following the closing of Big Apple Circus - Lincoln Center today....