Tuesday, January 29, 2008


A killer, but unidentified, comedy acrobatic act from a Colgate Comedy Hour hosted by Abbott and Costello.


24-HOUR-MAN said...

I first met Price & McCoy( the knock about guys in red shirts) in Munich, when they were doing the Krone Winter program. Since they are from Australia they knew little about bookings in the U.S.A.
They asked my advice about a letter they got from Gil Miller about working in a Theater in Branson, Mo. I advised them that they could trust Gil, & it was a great place to work. The Bottom line is they took the date,(I think they replaced TJ Howell) and were there quite a while.

24-HOUR-MAN said...

By the way they did a very good old fashioned knock-about act!!!!

Raffaele De Ritis said...

I've been trying to identify this act since was posted, but without succeeding...
About Price and McCoy: it is a terrific act from Australia, we shared a tv show several years ago.
One of the few surviving knockabout acts.
Their full act have been recently added on the web. Pat, I think you would post it on your blog:


24-HOUR-MAN said...

Coincidentally,(I can't believe I said that), Gil Miller did a knock-about act, one of their routines was getting tangled up with the hands between the legs etc., at one point in the routine he spoke a line, "how did we get this way?", that he used many years later to identify himself to Trudy, who had worked on the bill with him when she was young, she remembered him.

Terrence said...

Hi Pat,

It's been a while, we're still out there and still going strong.
You're right the Andy Williams gig in Branson was a certainly good one, we returned a few years later and did three seasons on the Showboat Branson Belle. Recently we've done some good TV's, so there will be more clips on YouTube. There are presently about four. We return to Germany for a good run of work starting September.
I spoke to Gil Miller yesterday, he rang about a gig in Wisconsin. He's still going okay, complaining not much work for artists in USA right now....that tend to be the case everywhere!
Cheers, Terry (Price and McCoy)