Friday, February 01, 2008

OLEG POPOV: Programma Maximum, 2008

A very recent television segment on, and interview with, Oleg Popov.

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clown Zippo said...

again ;

nice to see but I didnt understand one word of it.

what I do know is that its recorded in germany. and at the end with the rat on her arm thats gaby lehmann ( olegs wife) and the older bold man is slava zapaschny now the president of rosgocyrk ( the russian state circus)
for a brief moment you also can see popovs assintent for years: vladimir fesenko.

I have no clue what its about: some flashes off his carier, in the beginning a flash from the cold war
and some people from the russian circuswold ( his friends: zapashny an popov are friends) saying how great he is?

can anybody translate some important things from this video?