Thursday, January 31, 2008

ROB TORRES: International Circus Festival of Budapest

Did I hear right???

Did Clown College grad and former Beatty-Cole circus clown Rob Torres really just take home the Bronze in Budapest???



Anonymous said...

Well done, Robbie !!! That's my fellow CC Class of 1991 Alumnus, Rob Torres. I remember we bought cans of spray paint and had a car painting party with Rob's car that year in Venice. I've got some pictures of that ...
Way to work 'em in Budapest !!

Cap'n Mike
Myrtle Beach, SC

Anonymous said...

Rob: No wonder we haven't heard from you in ages. email us at still have photos for you. Are your folks still in Hillsdale?
Congratulations on award.

Paul & Diane

Anonymous said...

Also a former Beatty-Cole Advance Clown...Rob juggled on a rolla bolla with an audience volunteer hoisted on his shoulders in many a mall. Perhaps his most impressive performance was executing the feat with most of the skin burned off of his arms legs after a spectacular and daring wreck on the Alpine Slide in Tannersville, PA.