Wednesday, January 30, 2008

OLEG POPOV: Goluboy Ogonek

Since I don't read or speak any Russian I can only guess that these are scenes from a Russian film called GOLUBOY OGONEK (which AltaVista BabelFish translated to mean "Goluboy Ogonek") which features Oleg Popov.

It isn't listed with IMDB so I'm not sure of the year of it's release...


Anonymous said...

aah I have seen pictures from this but never any film.


well the picture of him as a revue singer is in his book: popov my life as a clown.

and its dated 1962.

that could be also the date off the movie when you compare with hs looks on other pictures: his looks are there: black jacket and yellow wig are present but his nose is not his red potatonose with the white trim that is now.

so deffintly in the early 60 's.

and when the picture in the book is from the movie then it is 1962 ( maybe recorded in 1961)

Anonymous said...

Goluboy means a shade of light blue, but it can also mean gay, as in carefree and lighthearted (or, you know, gay.)

Ogonek means a light or a spark.

So take your pick of "The Light Blue Spark" or the "Gay Spark."

I can e-mail some friends for more info but it might take a while for them to respond.

Anonymous said...

the book about popovs life even meantions more movieparts.

he apeared in a movie with elisabeth taylor.

anybody knows which one and is there any footage of it?