Monday, March 24, 2008

CLOWN ALLEY: Hugo Public Library

Here's a terrible cellphone camera reproduction of a great photo of the early 70s Ringling Clown Alley that I found in a European circus book at the Hugo Public Library in Hugo, OK.

From left to right I see: Billy Baker )seated on the ringcurb), Frosty Little, Mike Padilla and then after that I can't make out the faces. I know Barbara Nagel is on the right because I can make out her wig.

Does anyone know which book this is from? Can anyone provide a better scan?


Anonymous said...

It looks like Zapata next to Mike Padilla. Do you remember the name of the book?


Pat Cashin said...

Could be.

I should have written down the name of the book but I didn't have paper and pen with me.

Of course I could have just jotted it down on my cell phone while I was taking the pictures but I felt uncomfortable enough snapping photos of library books and tried to take them as quickly as possible for fear that the librarians would call Homeland Security on me ; )

I do know that it's an enormous, expensive looking picture book in a slipcase. It's also got text in a few different languages.

But I doubt that helps.

Anonymous said...

Found's called "Circus - Magie der Manege" photo's by Rolf Lehman, text by Fredy Knie, Sr., Horst W. Cekan & Lutz R. Schoellkopf.

The picture appears on pages 7&8, and the clowns are Billy Baker, Frosty Little, Mike Paldilla, Zapata, Barbera Nadel, Johhny Peers Richard Mann & Lou Jacobs.

Beautiful photo book, with great pictures of all aspects of circus.