Thursday, March 27, 2008

KELLY-MILLER: Balch Springs, TX

America's Favorite Circus Producer, Mr. John Ringling North II and America's One Ring Wonder, his Kelly-Miller Circus, roll into Balch Springs, TX today for two performances.

Showtimes at (say it with me) 4: 30 and 7:30 PM

Congratulations go out to Mr. North as Kelly-Miller has been confirmed as the circus selected to play the Great Circus Parade's triumphant return to the city of Milwaukee, WI next year.

Kelly-Miller was also blessed yesterday morning with a the addition of a beautiful, healthy new foal who is up, around and eager to join the Loyal riding act (who took the day off to celebrate).

I had the chance to ask Mr. North about some of the clowns that he remembered from the classic Ringling Alley and if he could confirm or deny the rumors surrounding some of them that have sprung up over the years.

Other than Frankie Saluto's eagerness to fire anyone who crossed him, he refuted all of them. Each and every one.

"Sorry I couldn't give you more dirt", he told me.

I told him that I was hoping that there wouldn't be any dirt anyway and that liked his version much better.

"No, I never saw or heard of any of the stuff that you're talking about, and I knew them all pretty well. They were all just a great bunch of really nice guys, hardworking... loved what they did. Just like you."

Which was one of the greatest compliments that I think that I've ever received.

So despite what the Belgians might think, John Ringling North II thinks that I'm OK.

When I asked him yesterday at the cookhouse if he'd seen Showbiz David's write up on him he smiled and said that he had but his only comment on it was, Hey, what's wrong with our website?"

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Anonymous said...

Did JRNII get the greasepaint cleaned of the seat of his trousers by showtime?
Wade Burck