Wednesday, June 04, 2008

2008 TEBALA SHRINE CIRCUS: Rockford, Illinois

The poster for this year's Tebala Shrine Circus. A great photo of me, except I'm not doing that Hamid-produced date this year, Greg and Karen DeSanto are.

If anyone out there knows any of the members of the Tebala Shrine, give them my best, and ask them if they could email me a copy of the original photo. My wig looks great in that shot!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry you are not going to be here. Was looking forward to schmoozing wit cha. Send me your email and I'll get you the pix.

Be safe, be good and BE FUNNY

Pat Cashin said...


Please email ANY photos from last year to

I'm sorry that I won't be there but you guys are going to LOVE Greg and Karen!

All the best,