Saturday, June 21, 2008

LOU JACOBS & PAUL JEROME: Ringling, 1948

Lou and Paul assisting an unidentified woman in a photo from National Geographic from March of 1948.


Anonymous said...

MARY JANE MILLER, wife of Dick Miller, RBBB photographer would be my guess. Mary Jane still lives in Sarasota and just recently had a table in the 2008 CFA Convention Bull Room. Mary Jane is probably one of the main RBBB links to that point of time. A nice lady..I don't believe she has a computer. I do know while she was still running the (SALLYS) Sarasota Trailer Store I would stop in and ask her numerous RBBB Questions. On occasions she still attends SHOWFOLKS Club.

Anonymous said...

Mary Jane, who was called Janie DeYoung on some pictures, is being honored at the Showfolks social in August, along with Jackie LeClaire.

Bonnie Behee-Semler, Milwaukee