Monday, July 28, 2008


Here's a poster for the Fratellinis featuring neither Francios, Paul nor Albert. Is this an earlier Fratellini trio? The poster looks too dated to me to be from the post-Albert period.


Raffaele De Ritis said...

There is a less-known part of the history. Paul, Francois and Albert had a fourth brother: Louis Fratellini. Louis passed away in 1909, leaving two sons and three sisters.
Around 1923, Louis' sons formed another Fratellini trio, lasting to 1947, mainly in variety theatres in Germany and Around Europe.
According the make-up, from left: Max Fratellini, Gustavo Fratellini jr., and Luigi Colombo. The two are the sons of Louis, and Colombo is the husband of Elena Fratellini, sister of the other two.
The signature "Colombo" on top of this poster is interesting.
I never saw this poster. Where you find it? From the logo down right it seems to be printed by Friedlander in Germany, so around the 20s or 30s. Alkazar can be a theatre, probably in Germany, but says nothing to me (Alcazar was a parisian music-hall but they never worked there).
The make-up on the left, is the fist time I see, so it is for sure an early version of this trio.
This "second" Fratellini trio gave some trouble to the originals, being on the same market. But they was good, especially as musical eccentrics, and with a lot of success.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Raffaele. I did know of Louis' existence but had never encountered anything about this other act.