Saturday, August 09, 2008


Poster for a Les Barios date that, thanks to the "a go go" part, I would guess is from the mid-1960s.

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Raffaele De Ritis said...

A very interesting picture, because it witness the transition between the original Dario and Bario and Les Bario.
Dario (1880-1962) and Manrico (1888-1974, “Bario”) Meschi arrived in Paris from Italy in the early 1900. They launched the Dario-Bario duo in 1919, inspired by the new Fratellini entrée format, often integrating other augustes, including Rhum. They starred, mainly at Medrano, all during the early 50s, then Dario slowly retired.
This poster is datable in the half- 50s, after the end of Dario’s (1880-1962) career.
The old Bario is on the right of the picture, in the last years of his carrer. The white face clown is difficult to see. I think he can be Willy, Dario’s son.
The younger auguste in the photo, in center, is the great Nello (Lionello Meschi, 1918-2000),Bario’s first son, here with an early tramp mask. After just few years later from this picture, Nello would have formed the legendary Les Bario trio: Nello himself, with his brother Freddy (Alfredo Meschi, 1922-88) and Freddy’s wife Henny, probably the greatest circus “straight woman” ever (occasionally still performing today in French cabaret). Henny is the daughter of clown Martin Sosman (who was at his turn brother of the legendary Pipo senior).
Les Bario trio started in 1958, and all through the 70s with an immense success, often at French TV. They often worked in black suit without make-up, supported by Henny’s immense class. They had dozen of entrées, with a large eccentric repertory of inusual musical instruments in the Spike Jones level, and a brilliant version of the comedy taxi.