Friday, August 08, 2008


Proving that a well designed makeup still needs to be carefully applied, and that's still not a guarantee that it will look good on every face.


Anonymous said...

That looks like the makeup for "Clarabelle" the clown on the old "Howdy Doody" television program of the 1950s/60s...(Bob Keeshan--"Captain Kangaroo" himself--portrayed him.) Could this be a publicity still for one of the innumerable local "Clarabelle"'s who made personal appearances in those days? The makeup suggests a "generic" approach....

Pat Cashin said...

Good guess and I see where you're getting that impression but no, this isn't any of the three real TV Clarabells nor is it any of the regional Clarabells that made appearances on the show's behalf during the show's run.

This isn't even Frank Cromwell on the Ringling show as Dorabell.

I don't see any Howdy Doody connection other than Lou Jacobs auguste and Clarabell's auguste makeup are both inspired by Albert Fratellini.

No, this is someone for whom makeup does not come easily, who has seen a picture of Lou Jacobs and thought, "I can do that".

For a modern version of the same problem, visit the New Cole Bros. Circus where one of the Cassilino clowns has spent the last 12 years or so doing a very poor Lou Jacobs rip-off.

How do you spend 12 years doing something and not get ANY better at it?