Wednesday, August 06, 2008

RALPH DUKE: From Margaret

Photo courtesy of Margaret Duke Scoggan; restored by Rik Gern

I received this photo last month from Margaret Duke Scoggan but didn't post it right away because the scan that Margaret so generously decided to share with us was also pretty heavily damaged. She apologized that it was the only copy that the family had.

Well, no member of the extended Burck/Hall clan shall ever appear here on in anything less than their full glory! Not on my watch!

My friend Rik Gern (who is rapidly becoming a real wiz at photoshop) offered to take the time to lovingly restore the photo, best that he could, and here is the result.

Ladies and gentlemen, my friend Adam Burck's grandfather... Mr. Ralph Duke!


Unknown said...

Pat....Please tell your friend Mr. Gern, that he is indeed a wiz, and thank him for me that he took the time to restore this photo, it turned out great....Margaret

Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret,
You're welcome. It was a pleasure. Is that your father? Do you have any stories about him you would like to share?

Sincerely, Rik Gern

Anonymous said...

WOW, What a difference. Rik, you did a great job on transforming that photo. Thank you Margaret for sharing with us. Thanks to Pat for posting it.

Wade G. Burck said...

Thanks for the effort to restore. He was Eric's Grandfather also by the way. Might explain why the boy's spent so many hours in Clown Alley. Ralph was a good man, who normally announced his presence by his continuous whistling. Known by many as Jelly/Jolly Duke.
Wade Burck

Pat Cashin said...

No slight intended to my pal Eric!

I just wasn't sure that people would recognize his name here... yet.

Just wait until he opens his first restaurant, then we'll all know Adam as Eric's brother ; )