Sunday, November 02, 2008

BUMPSY ANTHONY: Show and date unknown

Bumpsy Anthony in an undated picture. In the background there is a roller coaster which could be the Cyclone at Coney Island. The trunks behind the boy are marked with Jerry Bangs' name if that helps anyone out there guess the show or the date.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Beatty show in Paisades Park, NJ, mid 60's?


Pat Cashin said...

It could be!

Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. and Hamid-Morton are billed on that date together for a few years so Bumpsy (who to the best of my knowledge never worked on the Beatty-Cole show) might have played Palisades Park during those years.

Anonymous said...

How about Hunt Bros. and Palisades Park....BUMPSY was a good friend and we atarted the Bumpsy Anthony CFA Tent during the late 50's in Washington,D.C. At thast time he was working the P.A. Miller Circus...Playing the huge shopping centers in the D.C. area...We had some great circus parties with Bumpsy back in the 50's...He and his wife were swell people...His daughter lived at that time in the area...But, wasn't aware Bunpsy played the Palisades Hunt date....I caught Palisades shwo a few times..Isn't that June Dumesbarry, clown in picture? (spelling might not be correct)

Anonymous said...

I got a batch of photo's somewhere that show Emmett Kelly, Jimmy Armstrong and Eddie Dullum as well as Bumpsey at the Palisade date. I believe Emmett came in for that specific engagement, so maybe Bunpsey did too?


Pat Cashin said...

I know that Emmett came in for a number of years only for the date in Palisades Park. There are DC comic books from the 60s that advertise the Palisades Park date and Emmett's appearance, which is weird because the comics were distributed nationally. How many people were coming to a Jersey amusement park in the early spring just to see Emmett Kelly?

I think that Eddie Dullam and Jimmy Armstrong were on the Beatty-Cole show at that time.

I think that Bumpsey was on the Hamid-Morton show and probably came in with Dime Wilson and whoever else was over there.

The combined Hamid-Morton and Beatty-Cole alleys must have been something to see.


Anonymous said...

Palisades Amusement Park: I have just checked my tear sheets dated: April 3, 1958 - Clyde Beatty - Hamid Morton Combined Palisades Circus. Featuring Emmett Kelly, Clyde Beatty, Zacchini Cannon...Opening April - May 4, 1958. Have a picture dated May 1st I took of Emmett and Frankie Saluto in the backyard and Emmett performing under the Big Top.

BILLBOARD March 7, 1960 - Hunt Sets Talent For Season, Park, Hunt Bros. Circus signed to augment Palisades five-ring Palisades Park opener. Emmett Kelly filling spot originally assigned to the late Felix Adler. Other acts, Cuneo Animals, Whiz Kids, Gaonas, Wazzans no mention of Bumpsy Anthony in Billboard article.

2nd Palisades ad dated April 18, 1961 - Clyde Beatty - Cole Bros. C ircus Featuring Emmett Kelly, Clyde Beatty, and Captain Astronaut Cannon.......Still doesn't answer the Bumpsy Anthony question.

Mark Lavender said...

Hi Pat, I ran this one by Nini (former Whiz Kid) and she says she and her family had worked with Bumpsy Anthony on Hunt Bros with Howard Cece at Palisade's, she believes two years running, late 1950s to early 1960s.
Nini asks "dpowhitetiger" if Bozo Rebo is listed on any bills you have of that era... if so, she believes Bumpsy Anthony would've been on the show with him the same year. She also asks if any pictures of Tana Takio (her aunt) and if you have any pics of the Whiz Kids from that time frame?
Pat: Wow! Hadn't thought about the Palisades Park adverts in forever! I even remember the radio jingle for that place. Palisades was a big deal back in the day...nationally known.
Being a Joizey boy, every season I dreamed of going to that place and riding every ride in sight. (BTW, Nini and I must've passed within 100 feet of each other back then when the circus was playing there...Who knew? LOL)

Mike Naughton said...

Palisades Amusement Park Commercial with the famous jingle.


R.C.PRINGLE said...

I don't know about this photo with the roller coaster , but I saw Bumpsy in early 1960 with BEERS AND BARNES CIRCUS
"Professor" Pringle

24-HOUR-MAN said...

Peggy Sylvester in the background tells me this is Hamid-Morton & Hunt Brothers Circus in Palisades Park, 1957. Now don't argue with me on this, guys, I was there. Bumpsy was working on Hamid-Morton at the time, Pat, look back through your files for the color photo of Dime, Bumpsy, & Rudy Dockey together on the tailgate of a semi, it was taken there too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 24 Hour Man! I'd love to know more about this Palisades date. It seems to be a major circus spot in the late 50's and 60's.


Anonymous said...

I was ringmaster for Paul Miller circus and Bumpsy was with us early 1960 through most of the year. It was a pleasure to have known him.

Ben Brigman