Saturday, November 08, 2008

IVAN MLADEK: Jozin z Bazin

Jožin z bažin is one of the best known songs by Czech musician and comedian Ivan Mládek. 

In January 2008, the song became popular in Poland and Hungary, topping several radio popularity polls. It is also popular in Austria and Russia, sporting a cult following in blogs and several versions of translations.

The song is a surreal tale of a mysterious man-eating monster (Jožin z bažin: "Joe from the Swamps") living on the swamps. He could be defeated only with the use of a cropduster.

I like that fact that almost every single member of the band resembles Andy Kaufman to some degree and the guy who comes in at about the two minute mark looks like he might have been related to the weird little guy in The Nitwits.

That said, it's catchy but it's no "Kuliki Taka".

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