Friday, November 07, 2008

CLOWN ALLEY: The Big Apple Circus, 1991

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Barry "Grandma" Lubin and Jeff "Le Clown Gordoon" Gordon in their water entree from 1991's production Greetings from Coney Island.


Anonymous said...

This is a "supreme" comedy team!

No matter how many turns Gordoon and Grandma have done with an entree, there is always a real sense of spontaneity and unbridled joy in their work; as many know, this is no easy task.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for both gentlemen and their work.


Anonymous said...

A great example of teamwork, gag structure and joy in performance.



Mike Naughton said...

I was impressed with the "joy" that these two had when doing this routine.

It was one of my all-time favorites and a great treat to see it again.

Thank you Gordoon, Gma and Pat for sharing.

They were having so much fun that the audience wanted to jump into the ring and play.

Anonymous said...

It is always great to see these two work,and a extra treat to listen to the BAC band .
the whole thing is Wonderful..
Great times back then.