Wednesday, November 05, 2008

SAM DRUMMOND: With Nixon, November 26, 1982

"Former President Richard Nixon shares a laugh with Sam Drummond, a clown from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, at the Brendan Byrne Arena on Nov. 26, 1982 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Nixon was at the circus with his grandchildren. "

Anyone out there know how Sam is doing?


Steve Copeland said...

I talked with Sam on the phone yesterday and he sounds much better. He is working around the house and said he was looking forward to going to the fair today.

Anonymous said...

Better than Nixon, I hope.


GothamTomato said...

Nixon actually came to see the show twice that year, with Tricia and the grandkids. The first time was in the spring at MSG. I remember watching, as I was setting up for my intermission track gag, one of the workingmen approached Tricia and gave her an elephant hair. She looked like she wasn't quite sure what to make of it.


Bill Hall said...

At intermission of mid-day matinee (day after Thanksgiving), Nixon was signing autographs in corridor outside glass-enclosed box, where he, daughter Julie, & her children, were viewing RBBB circus. We managed to have conversation, after advising him, "Just keep signing (autographs for people rushing up to him)as you talk to us." He gave us a somewhat alarmed look as we sidled up to his right side, while his secret service aide was looking elsewhere. We discussed fact that in latter portion of show, he'd see the Bauers' swaypole quartet, 2 of whom, Joe Bauer & wife, Elizabeth (nee Nock),
had been greeted by Nixon, when as vice president, he caught RBBB tent show at Washington, DC, in 1955. He recalled that visit, remembering he wore "galoshes" because of rainy, muddy lot. We'd seen a home movie of that backstage visit, taken by the late Eugene S. Nock, who, with Joe, sister Elizabeth & brother, Charley Nock, were swaypole performers with The Nerveless Nocks. At Meadowlands' visit, Nixon gave us a signed autograph on his NYC law firm business card -- he was living in Saddle Brook, NJ, at that time. We both agreed our memories were good re: his RBBB visit in '55.

Anonymous said...

hey does anyone have Sam's phone number I keep trying the number I have and it just goes to a fax... Would appreciate anyones help with this. Ruth

My email is

Anonymous said...

Hello, I remember my Father Eugene Nock telling me he met and talked
with Richard Nixon. President. Nixon was
a Circus Fan.

Also Dad said when Marilyn Monroe
made a apperance at The Big Show,
He Talked with her about how the
elephant she was going to ride was
a good girl, so be nice to her!

Eugene Nock A.T.P.
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