Thursday, January 15, 2009


Ryan Combs and his common-law wife Steve Copeland will be the clowns on all-new 2009 edition of the Kelly-Miller Circus!

They are extremely talented guys and will do an absolutely incredible job. I hope they have an amazing season and I wish them both the very best of luck.


Anonymous said...

The world of clowning is in good hands with these two. Kudos to Kelly-Miller to raising the bar on american circus clowning.


Anonymous said...

You guys had better let me know when the show is getting even remotely to my area!!!


Anonymous said...

Is it cold enough for you in the Qaud Cities right now Toto?????

Anonymous said...

Well... if you guys need any tips about life on a mudshow, there are a lot of good folks to turn to on this site.

Anonymous said...

We were absolutley delighted to have met Mr JRNII and have been privileged and yes, delighted to know Jim Royal, a gentleman as is Mr. North, of the "old school" for a number of years. Our compliments to both gentlemen for what they are doing with one of the very finest tent shows in the USA and our gratitude. We look forward to seeing K-M 2009 and its two newest additions.

Paul & Diane G.