Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Beatty Cole Alley in Living Color

I can Identify (l to r) Shorty Hinkle, Bernardo Crespo, Jimmy James, Dennis Stevens, Buck Nolan, Bernie Kallman, Lou Nagy and Kenny Dodd in the center. That leaves the other little person in the center and the gentleman squatting down at far right unidentified.


Anonymous said...

The "Little Person" in the middle is none other then Dody Daniels. Dody is gone now but another fun clown to work with and no one knows how long he was in the business, forever I guess. Use to handle all the pyrotecnics for the clowns until a "wad" from the shotgun, hit the drummer and that finished that...drummer was fine by the way....Bernie

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but had a senior moment. The guy in squat is Chris Minot. He was with the show for one season and then went home to open a production agency. Almost made a go of it but booked J. "Rabi" Weiner and myself on the show that went bust. Guess the lawsuits are still pending....just had to throw that in. Chris.....Bernie