Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Spike: The Beloved Entertainer

The DeSantos have produced a homage to Spike Jones for the Ringling show (one of my favorite gags of the entire Clown College era) and Todd Robbins has honored the legacy of Spike and the City Slickers on the Big Apple's Happy On tour.

Here is the original, Mr. Lindley Armstrong "Spike" Jones from his rarely seen feature Fireman, Save My Child (a remake of a Joe E. Brown vehicle that was supposed to star Abbott & Costello) featuring the All-Star classic City Slickers line-up including Earl Bennett (as Sir Frederick Gas),
Dick Morgan, Freddy Morgan (a truly funny guy who was a fantastic banjo player), Georgie Rock and Joe Siracusa. Music lovers, enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Have to love Spike...we had so much fun putting that homage together...it could have run for hours...the easiest gag we ever produced...Spike and the boys provided alll the material.

The Fireman film starred Buddy Hackett and Hugh O'Brian, mainly because the studio had already shot the stunt sequences and chase footage for Abbott & Costello, then they bailed on the project, and Buddy & Hugh matched the doubles for A&C.


Mr. Lee said...

here in Tampa a few years ago they ran the spike jones shows early on Sunday morn's... they were great.. This stuff is right up your alley Greg..By the way ever hear from Margie? you and her were hilarious together...Lee

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Lee-

Caught up with Margie last year at one of the Clown College mini reunions held from time to time. She looked great and lives in San Francisco and is doing well. She's one of the true funny ones.

Hope all is well with you and the family too...